The Royal Veg Option in Viman Nagar – Royal Baking Co.

An old pending review finally looks at the silver lining on my blog. And thanking Surya Sharma (Foodiepreneur) for this one.

Before we all arrived at this place for the tasting, the number of dishes shown to us was extensive and I literally mean that! Not that I am complaining but I was in awe! Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Power Juice
2. Rich Cold Coffee
3. Wildberry Smoothie
4. Berry Cooler
5. Pink Lemonade
6. Passion Fruit Soda
7. Banana Caramel Delight
8. Pink Pasta
9. Spicy Paneer Burger
10. Extravaganza Pizza
11. Honey Chilli Fries
12. Spicy Cheese Balls
13. Grilled Mushrooms
14. Punjabi Combo
15. Keema Pav Combo
16. Mocha Almond
17. Crackle Mousse
18. Salted Caramel Tart
19. Apple Pie
20. Death by Chocolate
21. Belgian Chocolate
22. Red Velvet Jar
23. The Royal Jar
24. Chocolate Silk Jar
25. Almond Cinnamon Cookies
26. 5 Layer Chocolate Cake
With the start of amazing beverages, the Rich Cold Coffee and the Banana Caramel Delight were my favourites. The invigorating coffee flavour in the Rich Cold Coffee served in a refreshing chilled form along with some chocolate sauce & the ridiculously delicious Banana Caramel Delight made this tasting something to look forward to.
Heading onto the food now, you can a lot of dominance of the Orange colour. (And it’s not any camera filter). Starting with the Pink Pasta, the creaminess and the spiciness kick was an ideal choice with the penne and the accompaniment of olives and peppers.  Now remember guys, the pink colour is not a very obvious one every time its written pink (The pink sauce is basically a blend of marinara sauce and alfredo sauce). Even when you google it, you’ll see the tomatoey pasta but the one served to us was bright orange. That needs to be changed The Spicy Paneer Burger, although not spicy is a must try and definitely can give the Mc Spicy Paneer Burger a run for its money with that small change! The Honey Chilli Fries were perfectly crisp on the outside, slightly sweet and properly spicy..just as the name declares it! Loved this one! And the Spicy Cheese Balls were a bit of relief after the disastrous one I had at Tea Villa but just missed the mark with the cheesiness but hit the bull’s eye with the spiciness. Whereas the Grilled Mushrooms were served on a skewer and were perfectly marinated and grilled. It did manage to impress a highly mushroom-moody like me, so kudos to that! The Punjabi Combo was probably my favourite main dish.  The combo had rice, dum aloo stuffed with paneer & spices along with gravy and butter kulchas…I really don’t think anyone can deny all these together! The baby potatoes simmered in that creamy, smooth and delicious gravy with the buttery kulchas and rice made it a perfect dish! Full marks for this one! And the Keema Pav Combo was actually soya keema and I actually enjoyed this. Mock meat and innovations with the non-veg food items incorporated in vegetarian and vegan dishes are something truly to look forward to and this dish is truly one of them!
And what do I say about the desserts? I literally loved ALL OF THEM! I honestly can’t pick anyone and say this was the best or better than the others but guysssss…try them all!
But don’t forget to see the packaging of the Red Velvet Jar! I love the concept of food in a jar and I kinda took this one back home and ok..this could be the favouritest of them all! Haha..but honestly, do go to this gem of a place and have a good meal since everything is value for money!

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