The Weekend Tasting at Euriska!

A few days back I saw a post by Mr. Aniruddha Patil that talked about a certain thing called the ‘#PEOExperiment’ where food lovers from across the city are given a chance to know what its like to be on the tasting table followed by some certain rules. So when Euriska was mentioned and I got the tick mark in every criterion for this tasting, I was ecstatic especially when I had a very mixed review of this place in my mind for a very long time.

With a Santorini setup and famous for its gigs, Euriska nailed it with the Menu Tasting a few days back making it an all-rounder in the Food, Ambience & Hospitality department(s) in Pune. But read on to know more about the Food! And hold on guys, this could be a long review just like our tasting menu was!

We were served the following:
1. Kale Hummus & Assortment of Bread
2. Harissa tossed Baby Potatoes
3. Welsh rarebit, arugula
4. Salmon Tartare
5. Chicken Liver Pate
6. Curried Prawns
7. 2 Melon feta salad
8. Tuna Nicoise
Main Course
9. Spinach and Feta Ravioli
10. Chicken ala Kiev
11. Mac and Cheese
12. Pan seared fish of the day (Red Snapper)
13. 12 hr braised lamb shanks
14. Rechad marinated Fish Taco
15. Baklava
16. Pannacotta
17. Brulee of the day
18. Sorbets Platter (Passionfruit, Berries & Watermelon)
19. Chocolate Caramel Tart
20. Flourless Chocolate Fudge
21. Homemade Ice-Cream (Kahlua & Baileys Ice-Cream flamed with Cointreau)

With the first dish, Kale Hummus arriving on our tables (and not mentioned on the menu), everyone just went for it. Can’t blame anyone…it was lunchtime! Amongst many discussions, guesses & questions over the green colour and the vegetable used for the hummus, we were told it was the super healthy green, the Kale Vegetable! I think everyone was taken aback to see such a healthy & nutritious twist on the classic hummus along with the assortment of bread. The Harissa tossed Baby Potatoes had a small surprise with its flavours. You could get the taste of the melted queso cheese, spices and the chilli from the Harissa on the baby potatoes and the sweetness & sourness from the Kokum Chutney that stuck onto the dish. Yes, you read that right! A delicious surprise that balanced the dish really well! Literally translated to Toasted bread with melted blue cheese, the Welsh rarebit Arugula was delicious. You don’t want to miss this since it literally takes you to another place where blue cheese is not smelly! Moving on to the next two starters, The Chicken Liver Pate stood out for me. I really am not fond of the Liver pieces and had seen an episode of MasterChef America where two contestants were making mousse of Chicken Liver and that was probably the point where I genuinely wanted someplace in Pune to serve the Livers to me…a different way and boy oh boy…Euriska just upped its standard for the entire tasting with this one! Giving you a rich taste while biting into it, a great silky texture and that bang aftertaste of the liver, this one has surely converted me into a Liver-Lover! And the Curried Prawns has those perfectly cooked and juicy prawns along with the blend of the coconut milk & passion fruit vinegar where both the tastes were subtely understanding without either of them dominating each other! Kudos to this one.

The Salads kept the waah waah going. Quoting what Heena said, “They look like a garden on a plate”, these salads were not devoid of any ingredients mentioned. From the 2 Melon Feta Salad (Muskmelon & watermelon) being juicy, fresh and a bit creamy from the Feta to the Tuna Nicoise Salad comprising of so many elements (Tuna, Potatoes, Olives, beans, Tomato, Boiled Egg, Mustard Dressing) was a light, filling and indulgent!

The Spinach and Feta Ravioli with tomato sauce did have perfectly cooked, cheesy & spinach-stuffed ravioli but lacked the perfect tomato sauce. With a minute more of the cooking, it would have been the perfect tangy accompaniment but nevertheless a good dish. Whereas the Chicken Ala Kiev fell flat & there was nothing unique about this offering. Pretty as a picture and on the tastebuds, the Mac & Cheese with wild mushrooms and herb dust was creamy & dreamy. The only issue with this dish was the just became a tad bit runny and I had to ask for a spoon for it but then the wild mushrooms uplifted the earthy, deep characters along the yum cheese! The next main course, Pan-seared fish of the day was the red snapper. So much of this term ‘pan-seared’ is used in all Masterchefs that you just can’t avoid having this. The searing on the red snapper was absolutely perfect making it crusty and crispy with the juices of the tender and moist fish, perfectly sealed. The 12 hour braised lamb shanks with creamed polenta & chimichurri was something to look forward to but the undercooked lamb was thumbs down and the creamed polenta was a definite thumbs up. Rectify this one please! And who doesn’t love tacos? The Rechad marinated fish tacos were incredible but please do not compare it to the ones served at Street Meat. Both are equally good!

And lastly the desserts! A plethora of options here but the ones which took the cake for me were….actually all of them. From the nutty, sweet, sticky Baklava to the jiggly Panna Cotta to the caramel between the ganache and crunchy crust of the Chocolate Caramel Tart and the Passion Fruit Sorbet to the Kahlua and Bailey’s ice cream flamed with Cointreau made that expression come to mind, “All’s well that ends well”!

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