An authentic Pune food-lover? The Punekar Food Festival is for you!


With a plethora of new people always entering the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune, the hunt for the local cuisine always ceases to exist! And Cafe 1730 is tapping on the latter part in a very different way for both the localites and non-localites!
Thanking The Punekar for sending an invitation for this tasting!

Hopping on the menu, it was clear that it obviously very Puneri but with a special twist to many of the dishes. And these were the dishes served to us:
1. Chickpea & Coriander Squares
2. Sago Wada
3. Onion Fritters
4. Wada Pav Slider
5. Bombay Duck Fry
6. Thecha Prawns
7. Komdi Mirchi Lasooni
8. Misal with Nanza
9. Cheesy Lasagne Pav Bhaji with Caramelized Onions
10. Stuffed Brinjal with Pesto
11. Kombdi Vadey
12. Pomfret/Prawn Curry
13. Ice Cream with Puran Poli
14. Semolina with Pineapple
15.. Mastani


Starting with the appetizers, the Kothimbir Vadis (Chickpea and Coriander Squares), is a popular starter snack in Maharashtra where Kothimbir is coriander leaves and Vadi means fritters. (Please tell me if I am wrong!). The ones served to us were delicious, crispy on the outside and soft inside, irresistible and lip-smacking. Moving on, the next appetizer is found literally in every house especially when it rains with a hot cup of tea, the Onion Fritters just never go out of fashion! Crispy, hot and crunch along with the accompaniment of the green chutney will take you back to those homely memories! The Sago Wada or Sabudana Wadas was light and fun to eat. This preferred fasting food item managed to win hearts all across the table with the delicious crunch on the outer side and softness, inside. This was my favourite appetizer in the vegetarian department!
Now, how can one make Vada Pav look classy? Cafe 1730 managed to do it! This dish is a personal personal favourite since it has saved me at times when I have had nothing to eat during my college and struggling days and am sure many of you reading this will empathize! This famous roadside snack is made from deep-fried spicy potato patties in gram flour batter and served in lightly toasted buns, managed to strike a chord with just about everyone! Whereas the Thecha Prawns did start on a high & spicy note but later fell flat. The spiciness from the green chillies hit with the first bite and that’s it. It became more of a bland dish rather than that ooo spicy dish. Not too impressed with this one.

Entering the Mains, the service here and thereafter did become a tad bit slow. With the Misal with Nanza coming almost after the desserts, the Kombi Vadey showed us its face. The Kombi Vadey is a dish native to the Konkani region and a staple food of Malvan. The flavourful, crispy Vadey tasted delicious with the chicken curry. Whereas the Cheesy Lasagna Pav Bhaji with Caramalised Onions was a unique yet decent attempt. With the lasagne layers on top of the bhaji, you could get both the Italian and Maharashtrian flavours. The onions just gave it a bit of sweetness and could be done away with. The Misal with Nanza was a good fusion. Something to look forward to. Pretty in the pictures, the Misal ingredients were resting on the Nanza and tasted quite good. This invention could be copyrighted or it should be added to the regular menu as well!

Out of all the desserts, the Mastani was just beautiful! Mastani is basically thick mango milkshake topped with pieces of cut fruit, dry fruit and whipped cream and is named after the famous & beautiful lover (and second wife) of Bajirao, Mastani! And mango is literally my soul partner and we ordered one more of this decadent dessert to make it a perfect ending to this tasting!


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