Don’t judge a place by it’s look – Tea Villa Cafe

Remember while growing up we learned the following phrase – ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. I am sure that you atleast know the meaning of the same. And this place is a plain example of the same. Before starting the review, I would like to thank Chinmayi for tagging me along for this review ūüôā

So like I said that the review of this place goes hand in hand with the above phrase. Let’s see what we ate and my take on the same:
1.Cheese Fritters
2. Dimsums – Schezwan & Veggie
3. Kitkat Shake
4. Hot Chocolate
5. Farmhouse Villa Pizza
6. Indian Spicy Pizza
7. Cheese Fondue
8. Melon-Arugula Salad
9. Nutella Banana Waffle
10. Baked Lasagna
11. Lavender Tea
12. Black Forest Tea
13. Oolong Tea

Starting with the teas that we first ordered, none of the teas made a lasting impression. I am a huge fan of Oolong Tea and this one was a very bland version of the same even though we let it boil for than 4 minutes. The Lavender Tea did have the sweet floral aroma and a delicious light flavour with a bit of sweetness but definitely not my type.
The Black Forest Tea is a smooth black tea complimented with sweetness of berries but it tends to go more on the taste of bubblegum rather than berries. All in all, I would still head for the Oolong one because it was the most sorted option or just none.

The food, on the other hand, was a major disappointment with only the salad and the lasagna saving the night. The cheese fritters were the first appetizer we ordered. Made of 3 different types of cheese, jalapenos and corn and assorted vegetables, these fritters were not cooked properly. Upon cutting right into it, a small block of cheese just fell down and that was the end of the crunch and melt that we were looking forward to. The Schezwan & Veggie¬†Dimsums were pretty on a plate but were served cold. The sauce accompanied was good actually. However, the taste was average but I wouldn’t mind trying this again but served HOT!
The Farmhouse Villa Pizza is one of their signature dishes and has three cheese and topped with pesto drizzle, button mushroom, portobello mushroom, porcini mushroom. Mushroom lovers can find their paradise with this one but a long wait is an additional service as well.  The Indian Spicy Pizza is a typical pizza which our mothers might have made when we were young. With tomatoes, jalapenos, black olives & crunchy onion, this too took its time and was served cold.
The Cheese Fondue looked delightful but the cheese was way too thin and not as creamy as possible. The accompaniments – baby potatoes¬†grilled veggies, and croutons stole the show and that’s about it.
Let’s hop onto things that were served the way it should have been and made the night a bit delightful. The¬†Melon-Arugula Salad & Baked Lasagna.
The fresh muskmelons, watermelon with goat cheese and caramalized walnuts made this one of the best dishes served. A light, delectable and clean dish with the taste buds hopping from salty, sweet, and tanginess, it can easily satisfy anyone to enjoy it as a meal! On the other hand, the Baked Lasagna was served HOT! Finally! The crunchiness of the vegetables (zucchini, beans, carrots, spinach, garlic cloves) and the gooeyness of the cheese, this one was spot on. A good glass of wine and this one could be your next comfort food!
The¬†KitKat Shake & Hot Chocolate were below average. The presentation of the KitKat Shake with one KitKat slice looked sad and drab and the Hot Chocolate looked more like a cappuccino and we had to clarify if it was Hot Chocolate indeed. Enough to say, I did not like the taste and it’s definitely not my suggestion/recommendation. The Nutella Banana Waffle took its own sweet time to arrive and by then the bananas has made the texture of the waffles soggy and the Nutella didn’t do much to save the dish either. I had the waffle & Nutella separately.


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