MJM Factory – The new food factory in Viman Nagar

Starting the blog with special thanks to Twinkle (@discoveredangel) for extending the invitation for the food tasting!

With new places making its way in Viman Nagar, I was invited for the tasting at MJM Factory. Now this place is just a bit ahead of Coffee Jar and there will be a sweet Indian breed dog there to greet you! Although it’s a small, quaint outlet, the drinks will surprise you if not the food! Let’s read on to know what was in store for the reviewers that afternoon:
1. Pink Peru
2. Black Current
3. Minti Melon
4. Bounty Coco
5. Essence ‘La’ Vanilla
6. Sleeping Beauty
7. Queen Cally
8. Veg Nuggets
9. French Toast
10. Veg Cheese Sandwich
11. Chicken Popcorn

The Pink Peru has actually nothing to do with Perus but guavas. Made with the liquid squeezed out of fresh guavas and a hint of tobasco, this is an innovative mocktail and a must try! If you’re a fan of blackcurrant then the next one is for you, The Black Current. Made with vanilla ice cream and Crème de cassis ( a sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants) might just remind you that Brazilian dessert minus the papaya.
The Minti Melon just goes by its names and has watermelon and mint. Although cold and frothy, this cooler just missed the spot with the mint domination. A balance of both the flavours will definitely make this one delicious and refreshing. The Bounty Coco prides on the fact it’s the first shake in Pune in which Bounty is used amongst other chocolates. Bounty dipped in caramel and chocolate…what more can I say? The best pick for all you chocolate lovers. Its sweet, chocolatey, coconutty with the caramel twist making it my favourite amongst the entire lot! The Essence ‘La’ Vanilla had a lot of vanilla taste in your palette and it kinda becomes a stagnant one. I go do away with this one. Whereas the Sleeping Beauty will definitely wake you up with the different ingredients – Lychee and Cranberry! The distinct flavour of the lychee accentuates the flavour of the cranberry making the drink sweet but a playful sweetness in your mouth. A good take on the cocktail!
Queen Cally has been rightfully named so. A combination of fresh tangerine and cranberry juice sprinkled with curry leaves. Such distinct ingredients brought together brightness and tartness from the tangerine and cranberry and aroma & strong flavour from the curry leaves. A perfect attempt!

With the drinks being innovative and a definite try, the food became was average. With the veg nuggets being crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, the veg sandwich was not made properly. The fillings were falling down. Even the plates used were not good. The chicken popcorn reminded me of the Venky’s chicken popcorn I used to eat at the Venky’s outlet in Viman itself and the French Toast was very salty. And please never serve schezwan sauce with French Toast. That’s a blunder and a humble request to let go of it!

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