A whooper burger option: Burgertron

With McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Burger Barn, Burger, The Burger House always being the first thing in your mind when I say of Burger, Burgertron, now could be the first recall in my mind. Why? Because I had some of the most delicious burgers, drinks and fries at this food truck in Hadapsar and it’s all gaga in my mind!
First of all, thanking Aliya Saifi for this tasting and thank you to the entire team of Burgerton for the best hospitality!

So what did the Burgertron team serve for this tasting?
1. Chicken BBQ Steak Burger
2. Sloppy Mutton Burger
3. Crab Burger
4. Peri-peri fries
5. Peri-peri fries with chicken
6. Cheese Fries
7. Fish & Chips
8. Refreshing Coolers
9. Nutella Grilled Sandwich + Jam + Peanut Butter

And how do you define a really good burger? It’s all about the bun, the patty, the cheese and they’re here with the best of it all! From the first bite of the Sloppy Mutton Burger, it could easily be said that it can give the Mutton Whooper burger a run for its money. The mutton burger patty is an important and integral part of the mutton burger and I would say it was cooked just perfectly! Along with that the pulled mutton was served with BBQ sauce and garlic mayo.
Loved the messy part though!
P.S. – The burger is actually the Chef’s mother’s recipe!
The Chicken BBQ Steak Burger turned out to be the sloppiest burger I’ve ever eaten. From getting my face ruined to my top and down to my shoes, I think everything on my body had a small bite of that one! Plump and juicy along with chicken chunks infused with spices & an egg on top of it served with barbeque sauce and peri-peri sauce. The tandoored chicken chunks were marinated properly and the overall taste of the burger satiates to every taste bud of yours. From the masaledaar part of the chicken to the bit of the tanginess of the sauce and a bit of the sweetness from the egg, you can truly eat dirty for this one!
The crab burger was the one I was really really looking forward to and I think a small mistake happened with this one. I think the meat was beaten up way too much (or it was a convenient pasteurized crab meat) and it started tasting like an aloo tikki burger with the crab meat smell. I would surely prefer if they get the masala version back coz that could have been a savior rather than this option. Also, lump crab meat would have been preferable. I was expecting something more crunchy and like woah types but it turned out to be a soggy affair.
Anyway, one disaster was compensated by the evergreen fries and definitely gives justice to the category it belongs to or even more than that, Super – Sides. I think I could have both the veg and non-veg options without thinking about my weight. Gooble on these hot and crunchy fries with the perfect Pune evening weather!
The fish and chips was my dinner for that night. Getting this culinary fusion correct is a task and Burgertron gets full marks for this one. Simple, good-tasting, moist & tender fish fillets, light batter, crunchy chips..it could become your next comfort food. Give it a try!
And don’t worry..I didn’t forget the Nutella Grilled Sandwich + Jam + Peanut Butter which was the special dessert of the day!!! Delicious, sweet, a good presentation of the dish. The chocolateness of the Nutella along with the sweetness of the jam and the peanutty taste of the peanut butter encased in two sliced of crispy, buttered bread will take you right back to your childhood with that sugar rush in mind. Have it as a snack or a dessert, this one will surely call you back!

Just forget about the number of calories you’ll be consuming here and go for the food memories!

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