Open review of Box8

A few days back, as a part of the tasting program, Box 8 sent me the following dishes (one from each category mentioned on their website):
1. Chicken Overload Meal
2. Chef’s Paneer Special Wrap
3. Chicken Seekh Kebab Sandwich
4. Farmer’s Market Salad
5. Corn & Mushroom Box
6. Kadhai Paneer
7. Murg Dum Biryani
8. Cookie & Cream Ice-Cream
9. Super Saver Combo (Dessert + Drink)

With a small mix-up in the order, I didn’t receive the complete Chicken Overload Meal but only 2 boxes of parathas! But anyway, let’s move on with the received food items. But I personally loved the presentation & the packaging of the food.
The Chef’s Paneer Special Wrap was a good start for both my mother & me. Since she is the vegetarian, she absolutely loved this one! Tender pieces of paneer & vegetables in a tangy sauce in whole wheat paratha won us over and made us excited for the next dish. The Farmer’s Market Salad would be a perfect option for the weight watchers or for your next evening snack alternative! With a rainbow of crunchy veggies – baby corn, olives, jalapenos & the goodness of the mushrooms, this salad was light and fresh. BTW, it has 160 KCal only!
The Chicken Seekh Kebab sandwich was a classic delight of the spicy juice kebabs, poppy seeds, and a plethora of veggies like red cabbage, cabbage, baby corn, bell peppers, coriander all punched between the tandoori mayo. A wholesome meal in itself, I shall definitely be recommending this one to all! The Corn & Mushroom Box under the Fusion Box is a very good concept. Infact, anything under the fusion box has been a favourite of mine since it’s a proper lunch or dinner option! This one had mushrooms, baby Corn, olives and jalapenos cooked with curry made of fresh greens over rice, with mint & imli chutney, garlic yogurt, and salad. Sounds full? Seems full when you start gobbling that! I think my mom just ate this one while watching her favourite serials! The Kadhai Paneer, on the other hand, was not that great. Way too oily and large slices of onions couldn’t make way for the paneer to dominate. Not my favourite and could be worked upon, please. The Murg Dum Biryani was my next favourite and I actually had it all just before my flight to Leh. Balanced flavours, spiciness, and that almost authentic taste of how a Biryani should be, this one was good.
The Super Saver Combo had a bottle of masala lemonade & moong dal halwa. The masala lemonade was refreshing, tangy and had that chatpata. I think it’s a good option sent by Box8 since this drink also helps in digestion! The moong dal halwa was a classic, delicious, rich dessert relished by my mother & me. Well, the ice-cream still manages to exist in our fridge with us being a bit selfish by not sharing with any other family members!

Also, I would love to thank Harsha Biyani & Kevin from Box8 for the coordination! 🙂

PICTURES: Apart from the first image, all the other images have been taken from the Box8 Website

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-01 at 9.15.03 PMchefsspecial.jpg









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