Modern European Lunch at Krusty’s, Kharadi

I have known Krusty’s since a long time now. They opened their first outlet in Koregaon Park near One Lounge and it was at a walkable distance from my office. From trying the latest on their menu to chugging a lot of alcohol during the happy hours, Krusty’s played a primary part in the nearest food options. So when I was invited to this tasting, I immediately said yes.
Situated in WTC Kharadi (A beautiful location) and giving the coolest European feels the minute you enter, let’s see what was served at this All Day Bistro & Bar!

Watermelon, Black grapes & Feta salad
Assorted Tapas Platter
Duo Lamb
Kaffir Lime and Lemon Grass Prawns
Stone Baked Thin Crust Pizza
Shepherd’s Pie
Smoked Pepper Tortellini
Cheese and onion stuffed chicken
The Watermelon, Black Grapes & Feta Salad was an avoidable choice. With the addition of the candied walnuts, this salad was not pretty in taste but only pretty in the pictures. The salad did not start the refreshing start the tasting needed.
Moving on, the Assorted Tapas Platter & the Duo Lamb were perfect for my taste buds! The Tapas Platter consisted of Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Cottage Cheese with Pesto, Roasted Corn and Tossed Salad. From the stuffing of the mushroom caps with cheese and bell peppers to the cottage cheese (paneer) marinated in pesto to the roasted corn kernels in a flavoursome butter mixture to the salad consisting of arugula & romaine leaves with cherry tomatoes, it was a good assortment and a must try for everyone! Whereas the meat lovers can dive right for the Duo Lamb! The mutton cutlets were prepared in 2 different versions and served with 2 different sauces. Tender, juicy, delectable and melt in your mouth – That’s how meat should be and that’s how it was served! Just too good! The Kaffir Lime & Lemon Grass Prawns although Thai, was actually a good inclusion in the menu. Perfectly cooked prawns with the exotic flavours of lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime screamed of the Thai flavours. The Thailand did come handy guys!! The acidity, sweetness, and saltiness created a harmonious balance of flavour and the lotus stem chips just added to the crispiness. A 10/10 dish for the presentation and the taste!
The Stone Baked Thin Crust Pizza had a perfectly baked base with the toppings of feta, caramelized onions, confit tomatoes and creamed spinach was an average one for me. I prefer pizzas that kicks a lot of flavour and this was almost there. On the other hand, the Smoked Pepper Tortellini was a disaster. I personally love al-dente tortellinis and tortellinis are the favourite type of pasta, this one’s outer cover was a bit thick and the stuffing was too much of the bell peppers and very less of the cheese which lost the dishes’ balance. The smokiness of the bell peppers made it taste very oniony and the Sage Beurre Noisette was a hero on its own. The aroma of the Noisette was pleasing but it’s a thumb down from me for this dish. The Shepherd’s Pie…Ah! Probably the best one I’ve ever had and the hats off for making this the dish I would come back for! But there’s a twist to this one – The upper crust is made of potatoes and not cheese making it taste so different and so creamy! Creamy and cheesy and my type of comfort food. This one, everybody has to try with a nice glass of wine! The Cheese and Onion Stuffed Chicken was actually good. With the highest order of skepticism of stuffing onions & cheese together in chicken, it proved me wrong. Perfectly cooked chicken with the gooeyness of the cheese and the red wine sauce was a good combination. I think all the non-vegetarians were pleased with this one!
The ending of the food tasting was presented with the classic Italian dessert – Tiramisu. With the layers of sweet cream cheese, delicate cake, and spiked with coffee and rum, I actually liked this one! Although on the presentation front, can the coffee be sprinkled in one corner and not all four?

Krustys Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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