Sweet plans for the upcoming weekend at Icekraft

Starting the blog by thanking one of my closest foodie friends in Pune, Chinmayi Bhambure (https://chinmayireviews.wordpress.com/) for taking me along for this sugar rush tasting.

From the trends of colourful lattes, doughnuts  & bagels, comes the inky black – Activated Charcoal as one of the year’s biggest food trends and we shall see how the same has been used in one of the food items served here at Icekraft. Also keep in mind that Icekraft is much more than their famous charcoal ice-cream and freak shakes, their savoury items are a must try! So let’s have a look at the items we tasted:
1. Sweet Potato Fries
2. Hurricane Fries
3. Zucchini Fries
4. Chilli Cheese Toast Waffle
5. Mixed Greens and Fusilli Pasta with 1000 Island Dressing
6. Absolute Chocolate Freak Shake
7. Black Monster

Even though I was the first one to order the zucchini fries, the one to be highlighted was the Sweet Potato Fries that were caramelised and crispy on the outside with the chatpata seasoning and tender on the inside. And also they are a healthier and delicious alternative to the regular fries. And believe it or not, we actually chomped away this one till the very end! That bloody good! Whereas the zucchini fries despite being a healthy choice and a gluten-free choice, didn’t live to the hype. A bit over salty and not crispy made us order something else and we chose the Hurricane Fries (Deep fried spiral-cut whole potato on a skewer)! Going back to the basic potato was the Food God’s plan I guess. More like chips on a stick, The Hurricane Fries were a bit under seasoned but that could be given a bye.
The Chilli Cheese Toast Waffle turned out to be the biggest disaster of the evening. The waffle topped with grated cheese with sauce and bit of chilli powder is absolute NO from my side. I think if one wants to try an innovative food, it should be tested with the team members first and then served to the customers. This one was clearly not the way it was intended to be. The waffle was a bit turmeric tasting or more like tasting like Cheela. Just a bad combination of ingredients and the outcome was avoidable.
The Mixed Greens and Fusilli Pasta with 1000 Island Dressing turned out to be a decent choice. The cold pasta with the tangy flavours was a good order and gave the palate a refreshing break that was needed. Although the sauce was a bit too much, I wouldn’t mind licking the sauce off my plate!
Moving onto the main sweet items – The Absolute Chocolate Freak Shake was definitely made for the dessert lovers. Served in a Nutella jar along with overflowing of the shake and many many toppings like Chocolate Sticks, Oreos, Red Velvet Waffle (2 pieces), Chocolate Sauce, Whipped cream, and colourful sprinkles, this one could easily be finished by 2 of us in a matter of 7-10 minutes. (Just be careful that the shake and the cream could make the red velvet waffle pieces a bit soggy.) I actually loved this freak shake and you could get away with one of them on your cheat with loads of calories and yumminess!
And ending the blog with the most awaited activated charcoal ice-cream that has taken the city of Pune by storm – The Black Monster. Loaded with chocolate rolls, choco chips, and activated charcoal waffle! Yes, no artificial colouring is used, they actually use activated charcoal. If you really want to take a risk with tons of sweetness and that too a huge one, this one is a must. A bit overhyped for me..no harm in trying it once since it’s a part of the current trend!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-01 at 10.00.06 PM (3)


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