Dinner/Lunch plans? Faasos is the answer!

So a few days back, Faasos sent me 2 of their famous rolls (1 Veg & 1 Non-Veg) along with a sweet surprise for a small review and I couldn’t be happier. The reason being memories from my college. I studied in Viman Nagar and Faasos was one of the closest places near the college that served deliciously filling rolls and that too on a budget! That’s why the excitement!
With a form being sent and I choose the following – Mexican Potato Salsa Roll & Jumbo Chicken Wrap, my mother’s and my dinner was sorted that day. With her hogging away the veg one and I hogged on the non-veg one (We both ate the dessert) and this review is a mix of both our views. I really hope you guys like it!
The Mexican Potato Salsa Roll was loaded with potatoes, cheese, beans, onions, salsa, sweet corn and you would also get the peri-peri flavour and was a bit on the spicy side. I think it would be a vegetarian’s delight and was perfectly delicious when we had it hot. Whereas the Jumbo Chicken Wrap was just muah! With the first bite being so good that I literally missed the mayonnaise sliding from the sides of my lips. Juicy barbeque chicken, chicken meatballs & veggies cooked in spices and wrapped with an omelette and then the roti was just too good! Probably my new favourite here at Faasos!
If you see the pics, you can a little black box called The Black Box which had the dessert – Chocolate Fantasy! Rich, decadent and that warm chocolate just melting in your mouth was the perfect ending for such a good

@home tasting!



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