Explore the Royal Flavours of Rajasthan at DoubleTree by Hilton!

Going for a tasting at a far off location is a bit hesitant for a person like me. But when the food turns out to be good, the compensatory factor just fills the void! And this tasting is the perfect example of what I just wrote! Doubletree by Hilton is situated in Pimpri-Chinchwad and is currently bringing to its patrons the ‘Rajasthani Food Festival’ till August 31st, 2017. This ten-day extravaganza will not only serve some of the most authentic & lip-smacking delicacies from Rajasthan but will also showcase its vibrant culture.

The mouth-watering menu was a perfect mix of both vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian dishes and the desserts (despite 2 on the menu) are something to look forward to as well! Special thanks to Chef Joy Dey & Chef Dharmendra Singh for making this festival the success and let’s know why:

With the starting dishes being the Marwari Paneer Tikka, Paan Macchi & Deggi Mirch Ke Chicken Tikka, the Paan Macchi was the highlight of the entire menu. The sweetness of the paan with the fish served on the betel leaf was like a sweet pop in the mouth. Perfectly cooked fish, the sweetness of the paan flavour and the freshness of the entire dish just culminated the dinner experience on a different level altogether. The chicken of the Deggi Mirch Ke Chicken Tikka was perfectly marinated, cooked & flavoursome! A strong chicken flavour with the combination of the onions and chutney on the side was the perfect accompaniment! The Marwari Paneer Tikka had the roasted & marinated paneer cubes with a crispy texture and smoky flavours and made it a good vegetarian alternative to the chicken tikkas!

A perfect Shorba was a part of the tasting menu and I would love to recommend it to all the soup fanatics out there – The Murgh Dhania Yakhani (Coriander flavoured chicken broth) was a perfect shorba. A delicious serving with heaps of chicken chunks and a feeling of nourishment gives this Shorba full marks!

Any Rajasthani food festival is incomplete without the classic Dal Bhati Churma!The deep fried Bhati (flaky round breads), semi-sweet Churma & spicy Dal put together make the dish – sounds simple but a tough achievement. Being one of the most traditional dishes from the state is something I was actually looking forward to. I literally had the authentic Dal Bhati Churma from my Rajasthan trip back in Jaipur and although it did not take me there, it was a good attempt.

Moving onto the remaining mains, the Junglee Maas. One of the delectable dishes where the flavours were savour-fiery & wrapped around succulent pieces of meat. The Sekhawati Murgh was basically tender chicken cooked with curd and cashew nuts and it could become your next favourite! The Govind Gatta Curry is basically a preparation of gram flour dumpling in yogurt gravy. It’s a must have for non-vegetarians as well.
All 3 paired with Bajre ki roti is the best combination.

Two dishes were served to us separately (not in the menu) and they were – Thar Ke Pappad & Aloo Tikki. The Aloo Tikki was being made live in front of the customers and I think it’s the best one in Pune whereas the Thar ke Pappad was basically moong dal papad stuffed with some spice & gatta. Both soft and crisp both and everyone’s favorite (on the bloggers table).

Our tasting ended with three bomb desserts – Moong Dal Halwa (not on menu), Malai Ghevar & Ras Madhuri. The rich and delicious Moong Dal Halwa tormented my heart. Warm and loaded with gheee…can anything go wrong? NO!
The Malai Ghevar & Ras Madhuri were served beautifully with edible flowers were delicious and it was the sweet ending everyone looks for at the end of any tasting!

Special thanks to Devendra Mali for the invitation & Doubletree by Hilton for the best hospitality! And to the Chefs for giving us a small cute jar of lemon & chilli pickle!



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