Navroz Mubarak Special at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Starting the blog by thanking Rashika Chanchalani (Jugni & Co) for the invite.

Simple yet diverse, a bit odd with the dishes but a fantastic name, that’s Parsi food for you. Since Navroz was celebrated on 17th Aug, the offer for the New Year continues at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café. While we had a peek of the extravagant way of how the Parsis celebrate their New Year, did the menu & new management stand out?
Yes! With Rohan being the host, a major difference in food could be seen and it’s a must visit! Let’s revisit the menu served to us:
1. Beverages
Ardeshir’s cold drinks
2. Entrees
Dinshaw’s Home Fries
Smack That
3. Starters
Veg Cutlet
Chicken Farcha
Kheema Pao
4. Main Course
Veg Dhansak with Rice
Chicken Dhansak with Rice
Salli Boti with Rice
5. Dessert
Lagun Nu Custard

With a childhood memory being brought back by Ardeshir’s cold drinks, this popular local soft drink has been there for years! Although we were served 4 flavours – Masala Lemonade, 
Raspberry Mojito, Masala Thumbs Up 
& Ratnagiri Aam Panna
, the Masala Thumbs Up was and still remains my favourite. If you’re new in Pune or don’t know what I am talking about, you really need to try this!
Moving onto the entrees, the Home Fries was actually well fried french fries with the pampering of three types of sauces – Mustard Mayo, Spice Mayo & Cheese Sauce and I guess it was one of the favourites amongst every blogger on the table! And as dhinkchak as Smack That sounds, it was actually a garlic, chilly fries loaded with cheese and stuffed in cheese garlic bread. But if you do order this, eat it hot or else the taste will just fly away!
The veg cutlet & kheema pao was enough to keep us delighted! I loved the kheema pao. A popular breakfast dish of the Parsis, this mouth-watering dish was spicy & filling. With the deliciousness of the mutton kheema, the buttery pao made it a match made in heaven. I think the kheema out here might just my favourite now! And yes, I did try the veg cutlet too which was actually a healthy option! Non-oily and filled with the juiciness of the vegetables, the cutlet was indeed a good dish.
With one of the most popular dishes being served, I loved the Chicken Dhansak. A high-protein dish, the chicken dhansak was a delicious curry made with chicken and masoor dal and served with caramelised brown rice. A tick mark on all boxes for this dish. But the Salli Boti was a bit of a disappointment. Too much tomatoes, less onions and less simmering made this dish a bit on the downside.  A small change by cooking the same in a handi and a few changes shall surely make this dish shine.
And finally the custard! The Lagun Nu Custard which literally translates to wedding custard. It did perfectly hit the mark with the caramelization on the top but was mild when it came down to the sweetness.
P.S. – Everything is made in-house.

Ending the note in one sentence – I am glad Dinshaw’s is back and with the current management, the things definitely look brighter now!


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