Trailing to new heights – Tea Trails at Westend Mall, Aundh

Starting the blog by thanking Zubair Poonawalla for inviting me to the launch of the new outlet of Tea Trails in Aundh.

How can you convert a staunch coffee drinker like me to like tea? Actually, it’s an impossible task but Tea Trails managed to do this! With much dedication, passion, and commitment Mrs. Kavita Mathur told us a lot of her experiences and journeys regarding tea. An educationist by background, she along with her husband and 2 others founders developed their passion into a business in 2010. According to her,  “Coffee become a fag. A space was lying vacant, an opportunity.” If you see the trend nowadays, tea is becoming a primary beverage like water is getting replaced by green tea and the Eastern side of the world has been drinking tea for ages. Slowly, America is shifting to the health benefits of tea and a lifestyle change too.

So in the December of 2013 in Thane, Tea Trails opened its very first outlet with just 4 – 5 varieties as compared to 100+ offerings now! Chai came very naturally to them. The founders have always wanted to work in the café space and told their next step, a pretty bold one by opening up the next outlet in BKC in June 2014. And the risk did pay off. They got the desired footfalls and realized that people want food too.

So what differentiates Tea Trails from their competitors?

  • They have the best chai;
  • Their focus groups are segregated in two parts – 1. Above 45 years
    2. 25-35 years old. The latter is the desired customers
  • They have a formula for every type of tea for 50 varieties of tea. Gourmet teas are also available from across the globe
  • They offer no loose leaf tea leaves
  • They give style to tea by focusing on the teaware which is very important
  • A lot of education about tea is provided to the customers
  • Tea is used in a lot of their food dishes too!

A good tea should have a good flavour, good aroma, finesse & a good body. But did you know that the tea menu is almost like a wine menu & that there is tea-food pairing too? Tea Trails shall be coming up with a menu regarding the latter!

Let’s go through the teas that were served to us along with their food pairings:
1. Kashmiri Kahwah with Burmese Tea Salad
2. White tea with Bun Maska
3. Kullad Chai with Pakora
4. Oolong Tea with Waffle
And some of the food items with tea used in it were:
1. Smoky Paneer Sandwich
2. Celery Cheese Apple Sandwich
And some of the other items:
1. Matcha Sundae
2. Strawberry Sundae

So do go try the green tea at this tea since it’s not bitter and surprisingly very smooth and convert yourself into a tea lover by starting at this place!


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