So what happened at that Foodies Meetup at Café 1730?

A few days back I was invited for a Foodies Meetup at Café 1730 in Koregaon Park and it was my first ever invite to this place which has been a favourite since a long time! Before starting the review, I would love to thank The Punekar & especially Dipika Asnani for hosting a wonderful evening! 🙂

With a 2 page menu and 35 items to be reviewed, it literally made me gulp in excitement! So let’s see what all was served first: (See the images)


Starting with the starters, the croquettes (both veg and non-veg) were perfect. With the right amount of cheesiness on the inside and crispiness on the outside, this starter made for a good start. My love for prawns is a very well known fact so the minute I saw the Devils on Horseback being served, the young kid in me was ogling at that fancy dish. Despite being a non-bacon person, this dish made the exception. I love the juiciness of the prawns and overall it was a perfect light appetizer going perfectly with the lovely sangria served to us. Only concern, it was served a bit cold. That being said, I did give the Beef Chilly Fry a try only to realize I am still not a Beef person but the other foodies loved the dish. So yes please, go ahead & order this. Btw, the presentation is really tempting! The Nawabi Murg Tikka was cooked perfectly making it a succulent, aromatic and scrumptious appetizer. The presentation, however, did not match the description and I think that did amuse a lot of us on the table but then a second round was ordered!But on the flip side, the Shammi Kebab was a letdown. It was oily, mushy and not appealing. With the Pizzas, I had no complaints.

I tried the Pizza Quattro Stagioni, also known as the ‘Four Seasons Pizza’. With the thin and crunchy base and the chicken cooked perfectly, I loved it!

Entering the Main Course department, there was a balance of good and not-so-good dishes. With my favorite(s) being the Prawn Biryani, Honey Chicken Dijon & the Herb Grilled Chicken, the other non-vegetarian dishes were not appetizing enough. (Not including the pork & beef dishes). The Chicken Xacuti was more on the lines of a plain chicken curry and the Classical Fish Curry (Kingfish) was not giving the spicy taste along with the coconut taste. Have heard that the Classical Fish Curry is a staple food of Goa but it just did not hit the right note. The Classic Roast Meat Lamb was unfortunately served cold so the meat became a bit tough.But that being said, the Prawn Biryani was mouthwatering, delicious and yummy. I could have that entirely by myself and I think I shall be going to Café 1730 for the dish itself. That good! The Herb Grilled Chicken was the runner-up the main courses with the chicken cooked beautifully giving the juicy, succulent flavor. And so was the Honey Dijon Chicken. Loved the tender chicken breast pieces with the glaze of honey & Dijon mustard and vegetables!

We ended the meetup with the Sizzling Brownie with Ice-Cream. I mean who doesn’t love this combo along with wine on the side!? Loved the creaminess of the ice cream with the warm & fudgy brownie making it a rich, gooey, sinful and truly indulgent dessert.


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