The First Vegan Café in Pune – The Real Green Cafe

In the past 2 or 3 years or so, Pune has slowly started to catch with veganism. A diet that has come a long way was introduced by the lovely lady, Ms. Aishwarya Vishwanath in Pune.

So what exactly is ‘veganism’? Veganism is defined as the type of vegetarian diet which excludes eggs, meat, dairy products and other animal-procured products.
If you’re planning to adopt this type of diet & lifestyle, then this where you should begin. The Real Green Café serves a lot of dishes like wraps, sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, burgers, different types of coffee (hot & cold) and also some non-vegetarian dishes with a ‘vegan’ twist. Let me take you through some of the dishes which are a must have at this place:


Pictured here are The Cheesy Spinach Mushroom and Mushroom Corn Sandwiches. With the goodness of the humble leaf (spinach), antioxidants (mushrooms), nutritious vegetable (corn) and cheese, these are a good snack for those evening pangs. Btw, did you know that the cheese that they have is made of cashew?! Go ahead and try these!


The pastas are the new entrants to their menus. They serve the Arabiatta Pasta (Red sauce) & the Creamy Garlic Pasta (cheesy white sauce).
The scrumptious tomato and garlic sauce of the Arabiatta Pasta goes perfectly with the always delicious penne pasta. And the Creamy Garlicy Pasta is an absolutely decadent dish & easily the easiest and creamiest pasta here.
Buon Appetito!!


With the serving of tofu and cheese together, here is the Tofu Love Pizza. Although it might be cheesy as the rainy climate going on in the city, I would prefer and recommend the Green Power Pizza for its wholesomeness and dominance of brocolli (my 2nd favourite vegetable & superfood!)


Now, who doesn’t like combos? This combination of soup and noodles is a perfect for any weather and can instantly turn into your next comfort food!


An exciting lunch/dinner option that is freshly made, mess-free, easy to transport and as per your spiciness level? This Tofu wrap checks all the boxes along with their offerings under the wraps. Personally, the Tofu Wrap & the Spicy Schezwan Warp are my favourites and I literally hog on anyone of them whenever I visit the café.


Hold or cold, The Real Green Café does not disappoint you in their beverages section. From the oreo chocolate shake to the hot chocolate to their mocha or even dark caramel, they hit the bullseye with the taste, presentation, and versatility. Don’t agree? Just go, check their menu and order!


Ending the blog on a sweet note with one of the most unique servings at this café is the ice-creams. You should absolutely try these 100% guilt free indulgent goodness.With the right amount of sweetness, smoothness and  I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream!  But please be sure to inform them one in advance if you’re ready to take a tub back home! (P.S. – I love the chocolate one)


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