Munch & Snap With Too Yumm!

Picture Courtesy: @gupshup_avenue

Recently I had received a huge parcel full of Too Yumm Snacks and was more than excited to try them! Too Yumm! is a part of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group.

This healthy snacks brand has recently launched guilt-free and tasty Wheat Thins and Foxnuts (Makhaana) – the perfect nibble to those overwhelming hunger pangs! So get set for some guiltless munching & snapping!

In the parcel, there were 4 varieties of Wheat Thins & 4 varieties of Foxnuts.

1. Minty Pudina
2. Butter Garlic
3. Desi Tadka
4. Achari

1. Homestyle Classic
2. Tandoori
3. Chatpata Masala
4. Wasabi

My favourite of the lot?
Butter Garlic & Desi Tadka from the Wheat Thins & Wasabi and Tandoori from the Foxnuts!


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