More like Wild Savoury and Sugar in Viman Nagar!

Before anyone really beats me up, apologies for putting out all my blogs really late but have been too busy with a lot of personal work and managed to take a month off just for myself and writing these pending blogs.

Starting with a special thanks to the Pomelo Social Team for inviting me for the tasting at this called Wild Sugar in Viman Nagar. Like many, yes they had an outlet in Aundh but that shut months back and now Viman is their home.

The Tasting Menu was a long one and a heavy dinner was on the way. Let’s have a look:

Cold Coffee
Apple Mint Mojito
Brownie Shake

Vegetable Arancini Balls
Chicken Tempura
BBQ chicken Wings

Koshimbir Salad
Apple, Pear + Walnut Salad

Tomato Basil + Mozarella
Spicy Mutton Egg + Cheddar

Paneer Tikka Kulcha
Chicken Pita Pocket
Harris chicken + Egg Panini

Three Cheese Pasta
Spaghetti Meatball

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Pastry
Coffee Hazel Mascaporne Mousse

Being the only female in the group, I literally made the first call for the brownie since I love brownies. So this delicious American recipe  can be served as a dessert too but I preferred it as a starter in this food blogging as it did higher our expectations for what was to come! 🙂

With the freshness of apple and mint, the apple mint mojito definitely gave us fresh-tasting sips. And sorry guys, had to avoid the cold coffee..not allowed to have a lot of milk in a day! But from what I heard from my fellow bloggers, it was great. A very encouraging start for Wild Sugar!

Entering the lite bites category, the veg aranchini balls were delightful. So what are they exactly? These aranchini balls are made from leftover risotto (the death dish from Masterchef Australia, remember?).  The gorgeous balls were deliciously plump and coated in golden crumbs, made it a visual wow factor. The thin crispy coating made it so easy for us to bite into it and you definitely get the rice and the gooeyness of the cuheese – a true food art! Just yum. It’s the perfect snack you should try making with the current season going on. The Japanese Chicken Tempura was definitely crispy and light but like the ones I’ve had at different places in Pune. Could definitely do better but the chilli mayo was good!
I loved the BBQ Chicken Wings. I really think you should chicken wings with both your hands and eat a bit of the bones..well it’s a messy starter so get your hands dirty! These were hands down the winner of this category without any fuss or muss.

Lets know a bit about the Koshimbir Salad but first..what is Koshimbir? It’s a typical Karanataka Style Salad which influenced Chef Ajay’s menu so it automatically becomes my recommendation for all! Served with spiced brown rice, you need to have this since its a very original salad. Whereas on the other hand the apple, pear & walnut salad is really good for you healthy eaters. The juiciness of the apples, the sweetness and a bit of graininess from the pears and the crunch of the walnuts is a perfect treat.

The Ciazzas are an awesome & unique addition to their menu. My favourite amongst the both was the Spicy Mutton Egg + Cheddar. The spicy minced mutton was deliciously cooked and the runny egg just it that drama effect and was a good partner too. With the ciazza toasted to perfection, the entire dish gave that perfect crunch! The Tomato Basil + Mozarella was a visual treat and was the mixture of the elements were luscious!

Paneer Tikka Kulcha
Chicken Pita Pocket
The paneer tikka kulcha was a good attempt but I (individually) am not a fan of paneer. But the kulcha was stuffed with panner & jalapeños and served with salad and french fries could be a loveable dish for the vegetarians out there! Btw, Wild Sugar make their own bread! The Harrissa chicken + Egg Panini was decent. Being a bit on the dry side, same sides as the previous ones, something was needed to add a spark to this dish. And lastly the Chicken Pita Pocket was the best amongst all the three. A good mix of hummus, mayo, marinated & grilled chicken cubes, lettuce was awesome.

Pasta Time!
Starting with the three cheese pasta, they used the sporting flavours of these three cheese – White cheddar, Parmesan, and Gruyère. It was gooey, big on cheesiness and easiness! Super tender, robust meat mixture, flavourful sauce and loads of cheese, The Spaghetti Meatball was a classic.
*Both were accompanied with garlic bread

Ending the blog and our tasting was with the desserts that they’re famous for. I managed to have the Red Velvet Cream Cheese Pastry. A beautiful and delectable dessert that looks so pretty and is a combination of fresh cream and cream cheese both imported from Denmark! It did definitely knock everyone’s feet with its’ moistness and fluffiness.
P.S. – I went back again and forgot to click a pic.


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