Welcome back, Mocha!


My first memory of Mocha goes back to my first year of college where I had my first hookah and acted all cool about it and fell down the stairs. This was around 6-7 years back and by the time we had planned our next visit, Mocha shut down. An unsatisfied and disheartened me always prayed for Mocha to come back to KP but nothing happened.

But finally rumours were starting and food rumours in Pune almost happen to be the real news and I couldn’t be more happier to win the Instagram contest and be invited for the launch lunch at my dearest place!!

The memory of the bright orange colour, coffee, nachos will always be embedded in my memory but the comeback version dies give a good fight too. Situated bang opposite Sassy Spoon, Mocha is beautifully designed now. The outdoor seating is so beautiful that I am actually planning to have my next party out there. Hanging tables, white sofas, comfortable seating..makes it a perfect place to have your coffee and enjoy the weather with good music. On the other hand, the interior is bright yet subtle. With the Star Wars & Mario collectible taking my first eye contact, the cheesecakes and the other desserts caught my eye as well. Good lighting for all the ‘photography before eating’ fanatics. Just be careful of the bathroom door!

Upon my arrival, I really felt like a kid who is extremely excited to go to Hamley’s. Like who flies all the way from their holiday mid-way just to go and attend a lunch launch? ME! That’s my pure love for this place. A much more refined menu with some new additions and subtractions, here is what we (me and the other 3 bloggers) ordered and I shall tell you which ones were my favourites –

1.Kiwi Banana & Honey Smoothie
2. Toblerone Shake
3. Miami Melons
4. Apple, Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger (Fresh Fruit Juices)
5. Gunpowder Chicken Tikka
6. Galawat Kebab
7. Ghee Roast Mutton Boti
8. Koliwada Prawns
9. Mocha Fried Chicken
10. Keema Ghotala with Buttered Pao
11. Bombay Bhel Version 2.0
12. Oriental Chicken Sizzler
13. Chocolate Avalanche
14. Monsoon Malabar (Black Coffee)
15. Jamaican Blue Mountain (Black Coffee)
16. Indian Peaberry (Black Coffee)
17. Kenya AA (Black Coffee)

The smoothie did a perfect job. You shall actually feel all healthy and the sweetness of the kiwi, banana and honey is very natural and everyone finds their own place. So you can actually taste all of them and keep guessing which one is tickling your taste buds. I did not get a chance to taste the Toblerone Shake but as per reviews around me it did take the bloggers/winners back to childhood. The sweetness of the chocolate, the whipped cream did give a sugar rush and leap back into the history of the time when having sweets were the best thing in life.(Read: No calorie counting)

The Miami Melon had beetroot and watermelon and I have taken a major liking towards beetroot in any form and watermelon has always been a favourite. The mix and match of two favourites created such an intense flavour where both fought and settled and you could actually taste both of them together giving you a refreshed feeling just like in those cold drink ads!The Apple, Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger fresh fruit juice is perfect for this type of weather where every fruit and vegetable has the responsibility to make you less dehydrated and feel more active.

All in all, we had a fresh start!

Let’s start with the food! With the Gunpowder Chicken Tikka lacking in the gunpowder area, the chicken was chicken was cooked perfectly! The suggestion has been given and I am sure the changes shall be implemented!
The Galawat Kebab was literally melting in my mouth and it a very good attempt to replicate the royal taste. The Ghee Roast Mutton Boti was indeed my favourite starter. Greasy? yes! Spicy? yes! Hot? yes! The flavour from the ghee, the roasted spice masalas just gave an uplift to one of my most lest preferred meat – Mutton! I have personally suggested this one to many and I really hope it turns out to be a crown pleaser!
The Koliwada Prawns is a famous dish among the Kolis of Mumbai (That’s why the name). Its a spicy, crispy and deep fried served with mint chutney and onion salad. Visualise it , devour it and go yumm! Ending the starter with a global favourite protein – Chicken! The Mocha Fried Chicken was a perfect one. Perfectly crispy, not oily and big chunks of chicken was a perfect starter. Like the fried prawns of The Irish House are perfect, this one is competition in the KP area. That. Bloody. Good!

Moving onto the next course – Main Course

The first dish served was Keema Ghotala with Buttered Pao. I actually remembered my Mumbai days with this dish for so many reasons. I have eaten this dish so many times at my Parsi friends place that it has become a favourite! So this is actually served as a breakfast as well. Bet you didn’t know that! So this classic lunch meal has perfectly cooked lamb mince topped with eggs  (or scrambled) with the traditional buttery, shining pav. As much as a visual treat, it’s a mouthful of treat as well!
Interestingly, they have their Bombay Bhel Version 2.0. Maybe because there were dry fruits in it? Or maybe because of the quirky presentation? Maybe both? Anyway, not a fan of bhel and I don’t think that will change anytime soon but for the bhel fanatics, I suggest you to try this one! And finally with the main course ending with the Oriental Chicken Sizzler, my tummy was overloaded with so much that I managed to have one bite of this dish and I liked it.

Ending the superb lunch with the most famous & legendary dessert of Mocha – Chocolate Avalanche. So four of us actually shared this sweet treat which consisted of chocolate balloons, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate mousse, brownie crumble, chocolate chunks, hot gooey fudge, chocolate sauce & maybe more! Just dig into this and transport yourself yourself to the chocolate wonderland!

Onto the coffees next.
Not much into black coffees, but as per the bloggers all of them were really good but the Malabar Monsoon as suggested by our waiter steals the black coffee deal for me. Eventually, I did add some milk and it still tasted good without sugar and was a relief to my tummy ache and perfect for the ongoing season!

The best comeback of the town with the intention of converting every Puneite’s mouth –  ‘palettes of heaven’ since they are creating the best of the culinary delights!

Mocha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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