Kon’nichiwa from The Bar & Eatery

Starting with a big big apology for writing the review sooo late but keeping my word atleast. 

So my 2016 almost ended with a promised trip to Japan and the demonetisation took that away from me and I started with my studies and daydreaming of the country. But 2017 has other plans…of getting the cuisine to me. Special thanks to Pomelo Social & The Bar & Eatery for inviting me to one of the quick & best review sessions of this year!

The Bar & Eatery planned to have a Japanese Pop-Up, Izakaya (meaning: a type of informal Japanese gastropub) and I think it was one of the best decisions ever. Now remember something guys, Japanese cuisine should be understood before gobbling it. It’s seriously very different from what we’ve been dreaming about and if you want to start, this is the perfect place to enhance your knowledge and taste buds! Now, the menu!

The following dishes were served to us – 
1. Appetizers
Tori Katsu
Chashu Beef
2. Sushi
Spicy Mushroom (V)
Special Yasai Maki (V)
Shifudo Tempura Roll
Rainbow Roll
Volcanic Roll
3. Mains
Japanese Chicken Curry with Rice
Miso Ramen Deluxe – Chicken.Beef.Prawn
4. Dessert
Sesame Wasabi Deep Fried Ice-Cream

The tori katsu is basically breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet that’s sliced into bite-sized pieces or strips and served with tonkatsu sauce and they started our review/tasting on a good note. And the chashu beef gave me a certain sense of realization of what I have been missing in my life. I am not a beef eater and this actually was the most perfect appetizer if I compare it to every dish I’ve had this year! Finely cut slices of beef along with soy sauce, spices and a bit of sweetness really made fall in love with this new meat! Ah!

Ok, Sushi time. With 5 types served (veg and non veg), it was bound to be a talking point in comparison to the other places that serve Sushi. Just a pointer, Sushi is being served in a lot of places in Pune and am guessing with the trend coming in, a lot of new places will be serving it and old places shall add it.
The Bar & Eatery does a fair job when it comes down to their Sushi and the prices attached to it. Especially, the non-veg ones. Although veg sushi is something that makes me feel weird, the spicy mushroom sushi was bang on! I loved the spicy sauce & presentation! But there were two of them that were the stand outs of the night – Volcanic Roll & Shifudo Tempura Roll. 
With the Volcanic Roll just oozing out crab meat, fiery orange volcano topping, plenty of flavour was served! The Shifudo Tempura Roll on the other hand has a deep-fried crumb coating with prawns and salmon stuff inside. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Heading onto the mains, it might come as a surprise that the Japanese cuisine has curry! Loaded with tender hunks of chicken in a rich savoury curry sauce and accompanied with sticky rice, this can pass off as anyone’s comfort food for sure. The Miso Ramen Deluxe was a lovely dish as well. With three different types of protein (chicken, beef, prawns), boiled egg, corn, spinach and noodles in umami broth can be quite tricky for the taste buds. It could get a bit salty so just let the chef/manager know about it. But I still choose the former anyday!

Remember the quote by Shakespeare – All’s well that ends well? It’s seriously applicable to the last dish served – Dessert – Sesame Wasabi Deep Fried Ice-Cream. Oh my freaking god, I have never had 2 rounds of dessert and this one should be given an award. Like seriously! Loved the flavour of wasabi and it perfectly went with the golden deep friend crunchy layer on the outside. 
A sincere request to add this on the regular menu too!!!?? Yeah, that good!

P.S. – The popup will continue for a few more days and the reservations are limited to 12 seats only, excluding Mondays.


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