The flavourful down south: The South Indian Food Festival at Four Points by Sheraton


Relishing some of the best dishes from the five sister states from the Southern part of India, the South Indian Festival is something to look out for.
Being invited by Four Points by Sheraton (situated on the Nagar Road in Pune) for the sneak peek of the same during lunch time was a good idea and as it turned out, I was late. Again.

Let’s go on the menu and check out what’s being served – 

Malli Rassam
One of the most comfort dishes down south and mine as well. It is traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, with the addition of tomato, chili pepper, pepper, cumin and other spices as seasonings.

With the rassam served to us had a dominating flavour of tamarind (imli), it did play around my palette but after having 2-3 sips, it did kinda grow on me. Perfect for the ongoing cool evening, have it slowly & let the taste grow on you too!


Kerala wada

A perfect wada should be in proper shape, crispy, not dry, not too oily and the Kerela Wada nailed it. For some of you guys might feel it’s a bit dry, but you need to actually pair it up with the grated coconut. And not only me but the other food bloggers did want a second round of this. That good!
And a lovely presentation.


Kori amravathi (chicken) 
With 3 perfectly sliced boneless chicken pieces, this starter was a real good one. The chicken was moist and not dry with the covering being a bit dry and that’s when the lemon slice does the trick…squeeze it over the chicken and have a bit of the chicken with the onions. That shall make you go yumm…Perect portions & taste!


Main Course
Kori Sukka (chicken)
It’s said we eat through our eyes first and I really think I did that once I saw this dish. The best part about this main course (and others) was the portion. It’s good amount and not just 2-3 prices with an exorbitant rate.
Kori Sukka is a very popular dish and is made by all communities of Mangalore. It’s one of the Mangalorean culinary gem!
A dry dish made with a beautiful blend of spices and coconut is something which sets apart from the other dry chicken dish. I loved it. I paired it with the rice and did eat the same with my hands! Loved the presentation please!
Is there a boneless version of this dish? 😀


Meen Vevichathu (Fish) 

This fish curry is one of the most sought after items at any house in Kerala. A small suggestion –  You can enjoy this versatile fish curry with hot steamed rice for a perfect meal!
I am not a huge fan of fish curry but rather love fried fish and then mixed with rice and curry. The fish was cooked perfectly and was a good pairing with both the rice and the paratha. Win-win!


Palkatti Thakkali curry (Paneer) 
A protein packed curry which unfortunately is a no-no for non-vegetarian lovers. Not my favourite and a tad bit oily but mix it with rice and you might just love it, if you love paneer or are a vegetarian.


Aviyal (mix veg) 

An authentic Kerela dish and flavor combining lots of nutritious veggies in a thick coconut gravy. Aviyal goes very well with rice. 
A very refreshing dish taste wise and look wise was cooked with potatoes, drumsticks made it so yum..I literally went for a another serving of it. Total Mallu feels!


Kari Kai Soru (Rice) 
Sprinkled with grated coconut and loaded with carrots, peas, tomatoes and beans (I guess). I love rice and steaming cooked rice is the perfect! Hog on this!


Veech Parotta
The best parottas till date! Such soft parottas which actually made eat them without anything. They were not rubbery or anything next to it.
And did you know the name may come from the Tamil word ‘veesu’ which means to spin/wave in the air. The rolled-out discs of dough gets flipped in the air and spun until it turns paper thin. The corners are then gathered and folded to form an envelope, and the parottas are tawa-fried with a little drizzle of oil.



Pai Payasam

Pal payasam is a special Kerala dessert dish/kheer made with milk & rice on festivals such as Onam, Vishu etc. It’s like the South India Kheer in layman’s terms. It’s prepared by using rice, milk and sugar. Tastes heavenly and it’s loaded with sweetness.


Rawa  Kesari 
Made with semolina, sugar and saffron, this was the perfect dessert amongst the two options. Grab an entire bowl because it has the perfect amount of sweetness and the saffron just pops the colour of this yum dessert. My favourite!


Menu for Food Tasting Media Preview – South Indian Food Festival at Four Points by Sheraton Pune.
Created by Chef Parama Sivam – South Indian Speciality, Junior Sous Chef at Four Points by Sheraton Pune.

The festival is on from 21st to 29th October!


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