Oktoberfest at Phoenix Marketcity: Pune


With an exclusive invite arranged by Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) for the Oktoberfest at Phoenix Market City, Pune, I think I was more excited than worried. (I reached on time after driving 25 kms).

With Pune making a noise in the beer scene in the country lately, being excited to see which brands have come for the Oktoberfest was intriguing and it was a bit of a let down. I really expected microbreweries like Independence Brewing Co, Doolally Craft Beers, Flambos, Kivas, Effingut, The Irish Village to come and dominate the scene but sadly that didn’t happen.

Fret not, the following brands did come over and made the night enjoyable –
1. TJ’s Brewworks
2. White Owl Brewery
3. Hippie@Heart
4. The Beer Café
5. Malaka Spice
6. The Irish house
7. Yo China Café
8. Bar Bar
9. Gateway Brewery 

All the bloggers were given a tour of the entire setup and we did taste a lot of beers. And the best part, I met my favourite bartender from The Beer Café who knew exactly what type of beer is my favourite according to my mood!
Not only that, the emcee did a really good job with the competitions (arm wrestling, beer chugging). A special thanks to him!

Personal favourite: White Zen from Gateway Brewery (pictured below)
I like my beer mild or a little strong (mostly mild) and not very chilled. The best part was when the bartender removed the froth from the drink! Drink more with pleasure!


Food winner: Malaka Spice (pictured below)
No, not because it’s my favourite place to eat but they served a lot of items from their exclusive Shravan menu and regular menu and they had everything being cooked. No customer was denied of any food item and if you wanted, they were ready to pack the food as well!


Join in today & today for some awesome food which are chill priced, varieties of beer, a live show by Parikrama (that’s today) & entry at 200rs only.
Too good to be true? It is true!


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