Question & Answer: BEER!


So a few weeks back on the awesome day on #InternationalBeerDay, I was invited to Best Brews at Four Points by Sheraton situated on the Nagar Road in Pune. International Beer Day has been dedicated to celebrating the brewers of beer; and also a gathering of friends and family to enjoy a good fresh brew. Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and Services Apartments Pune joined more than 40 other Four Points hotels across Asia Pacific to celebrate this fun occasion. The International Beer Day was celebrated with the Olympics theme since the opening of the same coincided with the day as well! And a special ‘Olympics Special Beer menu’ was in place. Dual Treat!

Upon my late arrival (just like the many others), I got to meet many bloggers from our neighbour city, Mumbai and many localise-bloggers as well. That was quite a turnout. Hats off to FPS for hitting the right notes on this one. On the other hand, there were some let-downs but one thing in particular compensated for them.

An evening of beer & food pairing comprising of the hotel’s signature beer as a part of the Best Brews Program, alongside other international beers was served.

With the Beer Cocktails (and food) themed on some countries participating in the Olympics & the host country laid out on the bartender’s court, it became easy for all the bloggers to click infinite pictures & share them across. The lighting turned out to be a bit tricky as there were times when I had to use another phone just for some type of lighting to get a shot but I did taste have a sip of all them & started to feel like a ‘Beer Olympian’.

Moving onto the other drinks & of course the beer, the General manager – Mr. Vijayan Gangadharan did stir up some impressive concoctions! As far as I can recall, he mixed beer with whiskey (forgot the brands ) but that started my Beer Day!

When it comes down to beer, Beer Pong & Chugathon, cannot be avoided and FPS organised BOTH of them! With teams of 5 being divided for the Chugathon, I was a part of the winning team and received a mug-hat of Kingfisher. Pretty cool! As for the Beer Pong, the hunger prowls had already begun by then and had to avoid it…although I did cheer a lot!

I feel that the best accompaniment to beer is either chicken or prawns. It’s a personal choice. But unfortunately, there was no seafood servings that very night. It was a disappointment. But I did order the Cheddar Beer Bratwurst (Bacon wrapped Bratwurst Skewers) & the Rio Wings Strokes (Beer Buffalo Chicken Wings). On one hand the Chicken wings were succulent with the perfect seasoning of the spices & hot and tangy to the core but on the other hand the Bratwurst skewers was bland and not enough salt was added to the dish.

I also ordered the Golf Mushroom Quiche (Three Mushroom Quiche), the moody ingredient in my life but waited for almost 20 mins for the same & the order never reached my table. And no one on my table dared to order anything else since the timing & repetition or ordering became quite a task.

P.S. – Some of the appetisers were named after a sport

Ending the blog with a small recall, one compensatory factor which was undeniably good – The Hospitality. The PR’s to the Managers of FPS was a defining one. Talking to every blogger, telling them about the drinks, handing over the memos & press releases was commendable to the core.

Do go for their ongoing Beer Fest as there are new memories you would like to add in your bucket list!

** The Olympics Special Menu & ‘Late Night Happy Hours’ will be celebrated between 11pm & 12 am from 5 Aug – 21 Aug, to encourage Olympics Game Viewership at Best Brews.


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