Padharo to Kangan at The Westin Hotel, Pune


Before starting this blog, I would like to thank Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) & Salloni for sending me to this scrumptious tasting & representing FBAI as well.

Having a close friend from the state of Rajasthan did come quite handy in order to understand the dishes & yes it helps a lot. Talk to your friends about their states’ cuisines and when you go to blog about the same, you shall know!

Honestly, not being a big fan of Rajasthani/Marwar food, things took a U-turn drastically and how last night. Imagine, the food was that good!

The menu was divided into 3 parts -Starters, Main Course & Dessert. Let’s go through the same first-
1. Marwari Seekh 
(An exotic blend of seasonal vegetables enriched with frontier dry fruits skewered & roasted in a tandoor)
2. Jodhpuri Paneer Tikka
(Subtly marinated chunks of cottage cheese, stuffed with tri colour filling, roasted in tandoor)
3. Mirchi Wada
(Deep friend stuffed chilly served with mint chutney)
4. Pathar Ka Soola
(Thin slices of lamb marinated with ginger, garlic & piquant indian spices, cooked to perfection with a grilled crust)
5. Jugul Bandi Kebab
(A combination kebab of lamb & chicken mince delicately spiced with freshly grounded indian herbs cooked on a skewer)

1. Jodhpuri Gatta Curry
(Bengal gram dumpling cooked in spicy yogurt gravy)
2. Achari Ker Sangri
(Driend long beans & berries soaked in warm water & cooked in yogurt based fennel flavoured gravy)
3. Papad Mangodi
(Dumpling of Moong Dal with papad in mild yellow gravy)
4. Murgh Makai Soyta
(A mild preparation of boneless chicken cooked with corn in a rich cashew nut gravy)
5. Lal Maas
(An authentic Rajasthani lam specialty, cooked to perfection with local spices)
6. Dal batti & Churma
(A mix of 5 different lentils tempered with cumin and garlic – A Rajasthani Specialty)
7. Jeera Methi ka Pulao
(A buttered cumin tempered rice)
8. Assorted Indian Breads

1. Mave ke Ghewar
(A traditional Rajasthani sweet temptation made with cottage cheese & milk reduction moulded & garnished with saffron & pistachios)

1. Paan Mojito
2. Kaala Katta Mojito (Served with a lot of ice, try having it cold minus the ice)
3. Buttermilk (A really refreshing drink called Chaas in Hindi. Start yoour dinner with this)


This is something you should not miss. The presentation of the food, the servings and the warmth in every dish served made us feel at a Rajasthani household itself. The quantities are good and coming down to my favourites, they are – Lal Maas, Pathar Ka Soola, Jugul Bandi Kebab, Dal Batti & Churma and Mave Ke Ghewar.

All the dishes with meat were perfectly cooked. Never for once would you feel that the meat is overcooked or undercooked. The Jugual Bandi is a MUST for meat lovers. The mix of lamb & chicken mince was outstanding. Should have put some in my bag. Whereas on the other hand Pathar ka Soola was cooked to perfection. Exactly how it was described on the menu, it was presented that way as well. The lamb did melt in your mouth & you wouldn’t get the rubbery feel of it.
Lal Maas is something you can’t miss. The gorgeous red curry makes you want to just dig into it & when you do..boy oh enthralling love affair starts. Dal Batti & Churma is 99.9% authentic. Trust me. I have had the authentic one and it did turn out to be that itself.
Heard the term – ‘Sweet Endings’? I did experience it as well. The Mave Ke Ghewar was a favourite amongst all the food bloggers (I GUESS SO!). A person like me who has had avoided rabdi her entire life actually loved it. Rajasthani heaven was on a plate. Go for the dessert if you have a sweet tooth or not.

VENUE: Kangan, The Westin, Koregaon Park Pune
CHEFS: Chef Ram Singh Rathore, Chef Sadab Qureshi  & Chef Anurudh Khanna
DATE: The Marwar Food Festival is on till 31st July’16 (SUNDAY) & is served only for dinner


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