Triple Treat at Papa John’s Pizza


The best type of tastings are #PizzaTastings at @papajohnsin! And am not joking at all!

I am not a fan of their biggest competitors, Domino’s Pizza for many obvious reasons-
1. The pizza base seems stale
2. The quality of packaging has really gone down
3. No good amount of chicken in a chicken pizza
4. Not worth the price (The pizzas are costly and it’s not worth it)

So whenever Papa John’s invites me or I buy their pizza, it just brings a big smile on my face and sense of satisfaction to my soul. And this time was no different. So they’ve introduced three new flavours and big ass cheesesticks with the cheese made in their main head office in USA! Ain’t that awesome-authentic?

Papa John’s Pizza has lived by the core philosophy of ‘Better Ingredients, Better Pizzas’ every single day. They has been committed to serving pizzas made from the freshest and best ingredients. The heads of research look into every single ingredient that goes into the pizza. If it’s not the best, it doesn’t go into a Papa John’s pizza. Safe, unbleached, high-protein flour is used to prepare the hand-tossed dough. The dough is always made fresh, and is never stored. Freshly prepared sauce made from farm-fresh tomatoes, pre-measured ingredients and gold standards to check the quality ensure that your Papa John’s pizza remains fresh and delicious.

With such stringent quality checks in place, it came as no surprise when their pizzas got certified as safe in these uncertain times in India; where recently it was found that most of the your favourite bread could lead to cancer. To reiterate its commitment to quality, Papa John’s went in for fresh tests and its ingredients came out testing negative for potassium. It remains devoted to their core values and patrons can continue relishing our pizzas without any worry about their health standards.

The three pizzas introduced in the menu are:
1. Fajita Pizza
2. Zaffran Pizza
3. All Meat Pizza

And the starter introduced is (already mentioned above but again)
4. Cheesesticks (*THE BIG ONES)

1. Fajita Pizza (Check above)
The favourite of the lot for me! It was spicy and cheesy and went perfectly with a glass of Pepsi! It could be a little bit more on the spicy side but if you’re a lover of spice, then this is it.
Remember something guys, if you want to compare it ith other pizzas of other brands, you shall notice and understand that the quality of Papa John’s is much better. It does not make you feel heavy after 2-3 slices or anything like that. You can have the entire pizza and sleep on a much better tummy!

Ok so ya..Fajita is the one I loved.

2. Zaffran Pizza
Inspired but the Indian flavours, this is a loaded pizza. With good pieces of chicken, cheese & veggies. And it will make you say oooh in the first sight itself!
Have this when you really wan a fusion onthe dinner table or w ith your partner on movie night or just whenever you want to have it. 
It could be my mom’s favourite.

3. All Meat Pizza
Ok it’s a mix of chicken, pork and cheese. A bit on the dry side but I don’t mind 2 types of meat on my pizza…do you? Of course not!
Try this younon-vegetarians…you’ll love it.
Don’t forget the Pepsi!

4. Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks  
Boy oh boy, they are huge and cheesy. Man, I want a whole of this and I thinkI shall still not be satisfied. Just look at them & tell me what do you think?


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