The Urban Pune

So I finally went twice to this new place called The Urban Foundry & I was impressed by the following things (lets say everything but still)
1. The interiors
I loved the lighting, the unique setup, the artwork on the bathroom doors, those rules, using the real blueprints, the workable gears on the wall..this is something that Pune really needed (am talking about the uniqueness)& it hits the bulls eye!
2. The food & drinks
Ok I (along with my friends) ordered 2 veg starters, 1 non veg starter, 1 cocktail & 3 beers.
I loved the menu. I know the team who has worked on this entire menu & branding and it really shows that the hard work has paid off.
Food Review (major stuff)
a. Chicken Cutlets
I loved the presentation. There were 3 cutlets served along with peanut sauce & finely sliced onions & coriander was the perfect accompaniment with my 500ml of BIRA beer.
the chicken was cooked correctly and the cutlets were not dry at all!
b. Popcorn potatoes
I can eat potatoes anytime & anywhere and this starter did excite me but had a small issue with the same. The potato filling was really less. The quantity/ratio of potato needs to be increased & less oil please πŸ™‚
c. Soya chop in Tandoori style
I loved the presentation. 10/1for the same.
It was delicious but the veggies might love it even more than the non-vegetarians!
We did find a broken spoon in one of the chops, but the manager was really kind to take back the entire dish & get u the replacement for free!
(Reason to mention this: Many restaurants do not do this & the managers/owners start fighting with the customers)
d. Casting Couch – A senior had suggested this cocktail & my friend ordered the same. It’s basically beer + gin + lemon + honey & was served in a copper mug! Try this one & all the other cocktails under the ‘Beyond Beer’ section. They are really good!
e. Apna Cider (Pop N Chug)
Served in small glass bottles (remember the ones in the Tom & Jerry cartoons? Yeah that!) it was full of fizz and had a whiskey base along with apple juice & spices!
Not a whiskey person but I sorta enjoyed it. Whiskey lovers will lowwwwee it
f. Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Randomly ordered his dessert and boy oh boy,my serving bowl was jet clean by the end of it. That yummy!
Chef Shailendra, please tie up with an ice cream brand and sell this to everyone in India! Yes, it was THAT GOOD!
3. Hospitality/Service
The service was good! I understand that if there are many customers, the service might be a bit slow but come on guys..they’ve just opened up..some breathing space needs to be given right?
But the waiter ensured we were getting our food on time & the waiters kept on asking if we liked the food or we wanted to order something else. Appreciative effort!
4. Cutlery
Many of you will wonder why cutlery? Because it is an awesome USP of this place. The spoons, forks, knives all have gear ending like a wrench n all.
Am rating this place 4.5/5 (.5 less coz its really far from my house. One branch in Koregaon Park please?)

Suryabhan Shinde, it’s a perfect place & am already a regular!
Thank you Suryabhan & Hrishikesh, your chef & the entire team for opening up such an awesome place for the Pune-ites!
P.S. – Please have pitchers. That’s the only request! πŸ™‚


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