Food Festival Carnival of 7 Wonders – IIHM


Invited by the prestigious FBAI for the tasting
for the ‘World Food Festival’ at Ishanya Mall hosted by IIHM, it was one of them most spectacular & fun-filled evenings.

                                                 “Fun, Flair & Flavours!”

IIHM proudly presented the “4th International Food Festival” which had a rendezvous of food from the Seven Countries of the World (CARNIVAL OF THE SEVEN WONDERS)

1. India (Taj Mahal)

2. China (Great Wall of China)

3. Brazil (Christ the Redeemer)

4. France (Eiffel Tower)

5. Italy (The Colosseum)

6. Egypt (Pyramids)

7.. America (Statue of Liberty)

As we entered to taste the food, there were a lot of people who came for the love of food, to cheer the young chefs and we went for both 🙂

This event was organised by the IIHM students itself & they did a commendable job. Kudos to them!

Also, all the stall were decorated with the things associated with the country – Chinese Lamps in the China Counter, Mummy Tomb Face in the Egyptian counter, etc

Now the review-

  • With 7+1(wonders + desserts) stall, we started off with the Egyptian stall. The servings provided were – Lentil Soup, a live Health counter & a live Salad counter (Lebnah, Hummus, Mutabel, Salata Balati with mixed greens).

A very healthy option of servings but it was ok. I personally love somethig which spice or more flavours but it turned on the bland side. Nothing exciting personally. If this is the type of food served in the Egypt, it was a job well done! 😀

  • Heading off to the next stall was the food of the west- American 

Common food of the Americans- Hot dogs & cheese poppers were being served live. I have loved hot dogs since I don’t know when and they absolutely nailed both the veg & the non-veg hot dog! The veg one was filled with BBQ potato fries, coleslaw & jalapenos & the non-veg one was filled with slow braised chicken, coleslaw & jalapenos! YUM!
The cheese poppers with salsa was  delight as well. 

  • Next stall was the one which is very popular in India has a desi tag to it wherever it’s made- Chinese!

With my head screaming in joy for the spicy food, my heart was content with the menu & serving! The Cantonese style chicken perfectly blended with the veg. Schezwan rice. I took two servings of this combo! And ignored the chicken rice for some weird reason. Unfortunately, the stir fried babycorn, bok choy, mushrooms & cauliflower in manchurian was not available but I was hoping it would be similar to the one I had in Westin a few month back 

  • Heading to the next stall (my secret honeymoon destination) – Brazil

I loved the smell of the grilled tuna! It was cooked to perfection and was served with fresh horseradish which was a bit over powering but the fish won the award. The tuna was deboned properly and the moisture was still intact. Whereas on the other hand, the Fejioda (Onions, black beans, peppers, tomatoes,sweet potatoes, shrimp stew along with rice) was not upto the mark. Was expecting a lot since it’s the national dish of Brazil. And the veg version of the same was over 😦

  • With fish in my mind, I headed to the counter serving French food. Classy stuff!

The savoury crepes were finished in 30 minutes of the start of the evnt (judging by this, it was a good dish). The grilled basa was again cooked perfectly but the thyme infused garlic butter came on too strongly in my palate. It almost ruined the taste of the fish & the rosemary jacket potatoes with blue cheese was a risky dish. The blue cheese was used in large amounts and screwed up the entire feels.

  • Next, Italian!

PASTA!!! The penne romano/primavera chicken and veg & also the other dish, penne arabiata chicken & veg gave good feels after the disastrous French food. Creamy white sauce, moist chicken, fresh vegetables & the spunky red sauce = LOVE, ALL OVER AGAIN!

  • Back to basics, desi stuff – INDIAN

A lot of options (obviously!) – From Pahadi Kebab to Malai Kebab to Hariyali Paneer – Good. From Gosht Rara to Murg Shahjahan to Panner Kadai – Good Again and from Dal Makhani to Rice and the Tandoori Roti- Good!                 Full BALLE BALLE feels!

  • They say that desserts cleanse your palette. Might be true or might not be!

Having recently developed a huge sweet tooth, I went for all of them – PannaCotta, Gulab Jamun Shots, Date & Walnut Roll, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cannoli (FAVOURITE), Strawberry Cheesecake, Assorted Pastry & Warm Rabdi.

The event ended with all the food bloggers interacting with Dr. Suborno Bose,Founder of IIHM & 

Mr. Rupinder Singh Khurana, Director-IIHM, Pune

Full Review – 9.5/10 

An awesome & delightful effort by the students of IIHM. A bright future awaits them.
P.S.- I think I shall cook this weekend.

And don’t forget to attend the Young Chef Olympiad which is scheduled in 4 capitals of the country – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Kolkata from 26th Jan ‘16 – 1st Feb-16.
Wishing everyone all the best & secretly hoping India wins! 😀


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